Ghee Laddu

Ghee Laddu

Tiny besan droplets come enriched with saffron, fried in ghee and adorned with cashew nuts and raisins to create a treat that you will relish.

Taste: Medium sweet

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About Ghee Laddu

Shree Anandhaas Special Ghee Laddu

Welcome to our world of delicious & authentic Ghee Laddu! This unique sweet treat is a perfect blend of taste and tradition, making it a must-try for anyone who loves authentic Indian sweets. Every bite of this sweet will not only enlighten your day but also soothes your mood. 


Our High-Quality Ingredients 

We use only fresh and high-quality ingredients to make our ghee laddu. This special Ghee Laddu is enriched with fresh saffron, fried in pure ghee, and embellished with rich cashew nuts to create a delectable treat. Additionally, we also use refined besan flour to bring perfect consistency.


Texture Of Our Ghee Laddu

Our Ghee Laddu is topped with cashew nuts, giving you a crunchy, smooth bite, craving you for more. These tiny round sweet balls crumb in your mouth once it's eaten. Additionally, our Ghee laddu has a satisfyingly rich and buttery texture with a delicate balance of sweetness and nuttiness.


Flavour Of Our Delicious Ghee Laddu

The main ingredient used in our Laddu is ghee which gives it a rich & unique flavour with a hint of caramel and a nutty-like taste. Overall, the combination of Besan, Ghee, Sugar, Cashew nuts, Dry grapes & Saffron blends together, giving you a smooth & buttery mouthfeel. 


Product Packaging 

At Shree Anandhaas, we use the maptech packaging method to ensure that the product gets delivered to you safely. Not only delivering it safely but also holding a longer product shelf life. From gift boxes to bulk orders, we provide only premium-quality packaging. 


Get It Delivered To Your Doorstep

Order online and get your sweets delivered right to your doorstep. Our delivery arrives in the same condition as they left from our store. It will usually take 2-4 business days from the date of shipment. Our shipping is free for all orders above Rs. 500. Spread your love through sweets by sending sweets across India. 


Besan, Ghee, Sugar, Cashew nuts, Dry grapes, Saffron

Shelf life

10 days

Additives declaration

This product contains  permitted  food colours 

Allergen declaration

  • This product contains tree nuts
  • Processed in a facility that also processes dairy product, ground nut, sesame seeds & gluten

Nutritional Values

Nutritional information/100 g.
(Approximate values)
Amount per portion374 Kcal.
Total Carbohydrate63.1g.
Total Sugar25.6g.
Dietary Fiber3.10g.
Total Fat10g.


  1. Does this ghee laddu have medium or high sweetness? 
    Our Ghee Laddu gives a medium sweet.
  2. What is the shelf life of this particular sweet? 
    The shelf life of our Ghee Laddu is ten days.
  3. How can I order Ghee Laddu online? 
    You can directly order online from our Ghee Laddu page.
  4. How many days will it take for the sweets to get delivered? 
    It will usually take 2-4 days from the date of shipment.

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