Live, Laugh, Laddus...

Live, Laugh, Laddus...

Laddus are the quintessential must-haves of every Indian celebration. Be it the humble yellow sattur laddu that induces nostalgia or the rich nut-laden laddus that have become synonymous with Shree Anandhaas, no traditional occasion is complete without well-decorated plates loaded with laddus. We at Shree Anandhaas understand the laddu's special place in your festive menu and in your hearts. So we bring you an array of laddus to suit every family member's discerning palate. 

If you are one of those whose mouth waters just by the sight of a plate or box of laddus shown onscreen in your favourite movie, you are in the right place. The sight of those delicious laddus brings on a plethora of memories- of love, laughter, celebration, and togetherness. Oh, and if you are reading this and thinking, ‘But I don’t like laddus,’ do not worry; we can persuade you to try one of our amazing, in-house creations. Don’t blame us if you find a new love! 

The humble ghee and sattur laddus you have grown up with have the Shree Anandhaas twist to make your celebration more memorable. So, if you are someone who wants to go for the traditional, opt for the ghee laddus or the conventional sattur laddus. And that’s not all…we also have Balaji laddu to transport you to a divine place on days when you can’t travel to Tirumala Tirupati temple. 

If you want to pacify yourself (and your dietician and gym trainer), you can opt for the sugar-free Karupatti laddu that comes loaded with the gooey goodness of palm jaggery. You can also try our other sugar-free option, the Dates laddu, if you love dates, nuts and jaggery then this laddu is perfect for you. 

Now that we have covered all the classics, it is time to introduce the range of in-house delicacies. The expert chefs at Shree Anandhaas came up with some interesting recipes to make our laddus more appealing. These laddus are for those who love a modern twist to the traditional, we bring to you our Kaju, Kaju Pista, Kaju Rice, and Badam Rose laddu varieties.

This is a range of luxurious, rich sweets with unique flavours and textures. You can pamper your tastebuds with a bite of these sumptuous laddus or wow your guests on every occasion. These also make the perfect gifts during the festive season and can be the star of gift hampers. 

Here are the special laddus from Shree Anandhaas to tempt your tastebuds and make you the most renowned gift-giver for your friends and family. 

Badam Rose Laddu

Badam Laddu

Rose, a flavour that spells luxury and almonds synonymous with royalty comes together in this blissful delicacy. Our Badam Rose laddu will transport you to a land of decadent joy. This match is truly made in heaven and is a must-try

Kaju Pista Laddu

Kaju Laddu

Cashews and pistachios have long been a staple of any occasion, especially wedding ceremonies and festivals. We decided that this wonderful combination should be a laddu. Bite into this laddu to experience textures like never before- the crunch of the pistachio as the top layer with the creamy, luscious inner filling of cashew and pistachio. We promise you that you cannot have ‘just a bite.’ 

Kaju Rice Laddu

Rice Laddu

To bring cashews and rice together is a feat that not many can achieve, and to make a laddu out of this, is something that the house of Shree Anandhaas only can accomplish. Think of the crispy rice laddus that were essential to celebrations at home during your childhood. Then, imagine a delicious kaju filling at the centre of all that crispy goodness, and you have this special laddu. With every bite, get closer to experiencing food nirvana.  

Kaju Laddu

For the less adventurous amongst our customers and the picky eaters who believe that dessert is all about chocolate, we have curated the kaju laddu- a mouth-watering centre of kaju paste dipped in chocolate topped off with crunchy chopped cashews. This item is about indulgence- in gourmet chocolate and the finest quality cashews. Every cashew and chocolate lover out there, this one is especially for you. 

Beat away the blues with some indulgent treats from Shree Anandhaas, or cheer up a friend or family member with a gift of lovingly made laddus. From easy online orders to exclusive gift boxes, we make sure that our services provide you with the best options to make your day sweeter and infinitely better. 

Delve into Shree Anandhaas’ sweets to bring back memories of your childhood, create new memories with your loved ones, or just relax in the midst of a hectic day. Whatever the occasion, Shree Anandhaas promises to bring a smile to your face with the delicious treats on offer for you and your loved ones.