Premium Kaju Katli

Premium Kaju Katli

Masterfully crafted diamond delicacy. The eternally classic cashew sweet to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Taste: Mild sweet

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Cashew nuts, Sugar, Ghee, Edible silver leaves

Shelf life

15 days

Allergen declaration

  • This product contains tree nuts
  • Processed in a facility that also processes dairy product, groundnut, sesame seeds & gluten

Nutritional Values

Nutritional information/100 g.
(Approximate values)
Amount per portion403 Kcal.
Total Carbohydrate82.4g.
Total Sugar27.5g.
Dietary Fiber1.75g.
Total Fat5g.

Why Our Premium Kaju Katli?

Our Delicious Kaju Katli 

Our premium Kaju Katli comes in a diamond-shaped appearance with a light golden shade. It comes in edible silver leaf. It is a must-try sweet if you are a lover of sweets.


Our High-Quality Ingredients 

Our ingredients are sourced freshly and are made of premium-quality cashews, pure ghee, sugar, and edible silver leaf. We promise to give the best ever quality & flavour in our delicious Kaju sweet. Taste to experience the authentic taste of Kaju Katli from Shree Anandhaas Sweets & Snacks.


The Texture Of Our Kaju Katli 

Our premium Kaju Katli blends to give a delicate, soft & chewy texture. You will experience a bite of crunchiness, due to the added ingredient of Cashew. Additionally, our Kaju Katli is crafted to give the perfect blend of medium sweetness & nuttiness. 


The Flavour Of Our Kaju Katli 

As Cashew is one of the main ingredients used in the process of making this sweet, it blends to give the perfect flavour of Cashew. Alongside, it gives the aroma of pure Ghee. It is the right dessert option if you are a lover of Kaju. 


Our Quantity Of Kaju Katli 

Quantity : 250 grams ( 22 - 25 pieces )

Price        : Rs. 315 

Quantity :  500 grams ( 44 - 50 pieces )

Price        : Rs. 629


Product Packaging

At Shree Anandhaas, we use the maptech packaging method to ensure that the product gets delivered to you safely. Not only delivering it safely but also holding a longer product shelf life. From gift boxes to bulk orders, we provide only premium-quality packaging. 


1. Is the silver leaf in the Kaju Katli edible? 

Yes, the silver leaf in the Kaju Katli is edible.


2. Does Kaju Katli give medium or high sweetness? 

Our Kaju Katli gives a medium sweetness.


3. How many days will it take for the sweets to get delivered? 

It will usually take 2-4 days from the date of shipment.

Customer Reviews

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Nagarajan P
I ordered Padammysurpak & Kajukati....mysurpak so good


Kaju that melts our hearts

The diamond shaped sweet 'kaju Katli' melts in the mouth as we munch, filling our hearts with satisfaction

Rajeev Kodungampurath
Delicious 🤝👍

Delicious sweets.


It would have been better if little more sweetness added. Another suggestion is the thickness can be incresed slightly. Any way good item..

Karthikeyan Lakshmanan
Super Tasty

Nice package and premium Quality