Badam Mysore Pak

Badam Mysore Pak

If you thought things couldn’t better than the regular ghee mysore pak, here is our crowning glory- the badam mysore pak, which packs in the deliciousness of badam with the traditional taste of mysore pak.

Taste: Medium sweet

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Almond, Ghee, Sugar, Cashew nuts, Besan, Saffron

Shelf life

10 days

Allergen declaration

  • This product contains tree nuts
  • Processed in a facility that also processes dairy products, ground nut, sesame seeds & gluten

Nutritional Values

Nutritional information/100 g.
(Approximate values)
Amount per portion482 Kcal.
Total Carbohydrate64.4g.
Total Sugar34.6g.
Dietary Fiber3.00g.
Total Fat22g.

Why Our Badam Mysore Pak?

Shree Anandhaas Badam Mysore Pak 

Shree Anandhaas Badam Mysore Pak is sure to delight your day. This special sweet is not only visually appealing but also tastes delicious. It looks orangish-yellow in colour and is cut into a rectangle-shaped cube. Order to experience the heavenly bite of our Badam Mysore Pak. 


Texture Of Our Badam Mysore Pak 

Our Badam Mysore Pak has a dense, fudgy, and crumbly texture due to the use of gram flour. Taste to experience  joy in every single bite. 


Flavour Of Our Badam Mysore Pak 

The flavour of our Badam Mysore Pak is nutty, buttery, and with a distinct aroma of roasted almond. Also, this sweet gives you a medium sweetness. Additionally, saffron blends to give a warm honey-like aroma in every bite. If you are a lover of Badam, this is a must-try sweet. Get fresh Badam Mysore Pak from Shree Anandhaas Sweets & Snacks.


Quantity Of Our Badam Mysore Pak

Quantity : 200 grams ( 6 pieces ) 

Price        : Rs. 203

Quantity : 400 grams ( 12 pieces ) 

Price        : Rs. 407


Get Your Doorstep Delivery 

Order online and get your sweets delivered right to your doorstep. Our delivery arrives in the same condition as they left from our store. It will usually take 2-4 business days from the date of shipment. Our shipping is free for all orders above Rs. 500. Spread your love through sweets by sending sweets across India. 


1. Does Badam Mysore Pak give you medium or high sweetness? 

Our Badam Mysore Pak gives you medium sweetness.


2. What is the shelf life of this particular sweet? 

The shelf life of our Badam Mysore Pak is ten days.


3. How can I order Badam Mysore Pak online? 

You can directly order online from our Badam Mysore Pak page.


4. How many days will it take for the sweets to get delivered? 

It will usually take 2-4 days from the date of shipment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Priya Sabarinath
Heavenly sweet

It’s my All time favourite sweet with a good quality and awesome taste

Kovendan R
Divine Taste

Premium taste & quality

Yummy with high quality

Ordered Ghee mysore pak and Badam mysore pak. Taste of both of them were very good. The quality of the package also good. I shipped it to Gujarat and it was delivered safely and quickly and freely (if you order for more than Rs.500/- then they are giving free shipping offer). Keep up the taste and hygiene. Thanks to all of Shree Anandhaas team and wish you all the best !!!

Naveen Kumar
Food & Sweets

Very good hotel for eating food and very. Good service at this place and very good atmosphere very good location for eat food& sweets

Mohamed usman
Best Ghee Badam Mysore pak

One of the best ghee mysore pak in tamilnadu